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Meet “Little Dimples”

March 26, 2009

The moment I laid eyes upon this little guy, my heart melted.  He has     the      cutest      dimples       ever       .    Seriously.  And he’s only 4 days old in these images.  I didn’t even know dimples could be so prominent at such a tender age — he’s gonna be able to wrap anyone around his little finger as he grows – for sure!!! 

Claudia, here’s a Sneak Peek from our session — I’ve got lots more for your slideshow, and we got some AWESOME family images as well!  Just a few more days and I’ll have everything ready for you!! In the meantime, enjoy these images of your precious new love! 

Caspar in Basket

Check out the dimples!! Sigh!
Caspar's Dimples
Caspar in Wrap
Caspar in Wrap closeup
Caspar in Bowl

… (a continuation of the prior post)

Oh, Little “Miss K” — one of my Cole’s very best little friends, and one of my favorite little girls!!  I wanted to share the second of the two new locations I discovered this weekend, as well as showcase one of the fun Pettiskirts that I just got in.  And what better model than this little sweetheart?!?   She also has an adventurous little spirit, and although we were standing beside an old abandoned barn, she was nothing less than a beautiful princess.   


Old Country Road

March 23, 2009

As a photographer, I’m always on the lookout for new locations, places off the beaten path that inspire me.  And this weekend I found not one but two awesome venues, each within a mile of the other.  And to test the first, I just so happened to have a cutie patootie handy!!!  A little fella always ready to have fun and discover new places!!  Here’s my Cole – always my sidekick, always my sunshine, always my favorite, favorite subject!! 

Cole and tree

I just LOVE this country road, and this gorgeous tree!!  I can’t wait to see it in summertime!

Cole and Tree 3
Cole and Tree 2

Happy First Birthday!

March 12, 2009

I’ve been looking forward to this session for quite some time, to honor cutie “Mr. H” as he turned one!!!  Our session was originally planned to focus completely on him, but when I arrived and met his adorable big sister, I instantly knew we had to include her in the fun!!   

After beginning our session downstairs, we went exploring and found all sorts of beautiful light in their rooms.  I just had to get an image of little H as he peeked over the bars of his crib, because I know only too well how quickly they grow and very soon he’ll be in his “big boy bed”.  His eyes can melt a heart. 



 And right across the hall, we had fun in a “big girl bed”!!!


What a beauty!!! 



March 2, 2009

It’s the kind of day my boys wish for every second of every day after oh, say, the 4th of July.  For someone who grew up in New York and can remember eating real icicle pops, snow ball fights behind mighty snow fortresses, and helping Dad wax the Tobogan so it wouldn’t just glide but FLY down the hill in our backyard, it’s a pretty pitiful sight to look out your window and see the joy my southern boys derive while literally sledding down the snowless dead grass and dirt down the side yard.

That’s why yesterday was so AWESOME — okay – just a dusting really, but no matter — snowballs could still be made, sledding was super cool, even dwarf snowmen still stand proudly in our front yard.  And although they weren’t icicles, they still had a taste of winter as the snowflakes melted on their tongues!! Here’s my littlest guy, enjoying the first tastes of snow he can remember!!   


Could you not eat him up???  Cole, you are made of CUTENESS!!