March 2, 2009

It’s the kind of day my boys wish for every second of every day after oh, say, the 4th of July.  For someone who grew up in New York and can remember eating real icicle pops, snow ball fights behind mighty snow fortresses, and helping Dad wax the Tobogan so it wouldn’t just glide but FLY down the hill in our backyard, it’s a pretty pitiful sight to look out your window and see the joy my southern boys derive while literally sledding down the snowless dead grass and dirt down the side yard.

That’s why yesterday was so AWESOME — okay – just a dusting really, but no matter — snowballs could still be made, sledding was super cool, even dwarf snowmen still stand proudly in our front yard.  And although they weren’t icicles, they still had a taste of winter as the snowflakes melted on their tongues!! Here’s my littlest guy, enjoying the first tastes of snow he can remember!!   


Could you not eat him up???  Cole, you are made of CUTENESS!! 


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