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Life is funny.  One moment, we are a family bracing for the worst — like too many other families in this country, my husband’s company is closing its doors at the end of this month.  We’re one of the lucky ones — at least we’ve known it was coming for a little while now.  And so we’ve been in preparation mode — buckling down, finding creative ways to save money and focusing on what’s most important.  Through it all, we’ve realized how blessed we are – we appreciate the little things that mean the most in life — the love within our family, our health, the roof over our head and the food on our table.   And in an odd way, I’m grateful for this turn in events, as it has revealed to us what truly is most important in life.  I won’t take these valuable lessons for granted again.

And so, as one door closes, another opens, and as a family only a week ago expecting a summer with no vacation at all, we find ourselves instead preparing for an entire  summer spent in the most charming town in all the country — Santa Barbara!!

My husband has been asked by his Parent Company to temporarily fill in as CFO/COO of one of their companies in the Santa Barbara area, and we as a family are fortunate enough to join him!  The boys are beyond excited, as am I — a needed distraction from the realities that life sometimes brings.  He’ll still be looking for employment in the Atlanta area, so please say an extra prayer for him.  

I’ve just booked my last session in Atlanta before we leave, and hope to meet some families in Santa Barbara who may be interested in sessions on the beach while we’re there!!  So stay posted as I’ll keep everyone updated as to our adventures on my Blog!!

I’m currently booking sessions for the second half of August and into the fall in the Atlanta area, so send me an email if you’d like to get on the books!!  Thanks for your prayers of support, and I can’t wait to share our summertime adventures!!  


I’ve been looking forward to this session since January — this sweet baby’s mommy was referred by one of my recent (and favorite) clients, and I couldn’t wait to meet her – the fourth baby born to a very sweet family.

When I arrived I was a little anxious about the lighting — more Spring rain, with no end in sight.  We moved furniture around and took advantage of some large windows, moved this beautiful baby right up against them, and waited for breaks from heavy rain.  This little angel just snoozed away, and we were able to capture some beautiful images!!

Rachel Grimes1
Rachel Grimes2

Her lips were so perfect I just had to get a closeup!
Rachel Grimes lips