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Making the best of it!

May 14, 2009

So yesterday I took my Cole out to test a location I was interested in for today’s shoot with sweet “Miss E” – one of my very first clients.  I’ve been looking forward to this special shoot as it marks her 4th birthday, but more importantly it’s something I could do for her mom, one of my dear friends, before they move away to New Orleans.  We’ve had to postpone several times due to this unending dreary spring weather, and now we’re getting down to our last opportunities – they leave in just a few days.

Now, today was supposed to be sunny to partly cloudy.  Huh.  Instead, a chilly morning with just enough drizzle to be annoying.  But being the optimists we are, we drove on out there, as the drizzle was supposed to end at any moment.  Not a chance.   

After hanging in the parking lot for forever (E was happy to serenade us with her new Hannah Montana guitar!), it seemed to lighten up enough to drag out the bench and set up.  It’s then that E’s ready for a snack – no biggie — I totally get it – it’s practically lunch time by now.  So while she happily munches on peanut butter crackers, I take a few candids, just to test shutter speed.  She’s all full of herself, and is cracking me up – I’m thinking we’re golden, and can’t wait to start the shoot.  Just look at this beautiful child… 

Elise and cracker 2

Gotta love the crackers in the teeth!! 

Elise and crackers

Elise and crumby smile

Just when we wipe the crumbs from her lips, I feel a drop on my hand, and the sillies vanish in a millisecond.  E’s not a fan of rain – and who can blame her??  The happy expressions have melted away, but no matter – I still love this image of her serious side.

Elise and Wall

My friend and I look at each other and shrug – what are ya gonna do?  The rain is just not going anywhere, so we decide to bag the shoot and grab lunch, hoping we’ll be able to squeeze in a little time in the next few days.  

We end up at Jason’s deli, where sweet E gobbles down some good old fashioned mac&cheese, and the best part is the ice cream at the end!  Yes, it was still drizzling, but subsiding, so we went outside and found sunshine in her chocolate-loving spirit!  Even rain can’t spoil ice cream indulgence!! 

Elise and Ice Cream 3

Elise and Ice Cream1

Elise and Ice Cream2

This isn’t the last you’ll see of little E – we’ll see what we can get in the next few days, and even so, I’m looking forward to planning a trip next year to New Orleans to keep up with this beautiful family.  

I love my little sidekick — he’s always, always happy, and we love to discover new places together.  And he’s quite a painter — yesterday we discovered this old bench at a favorite antique place, and we thought it needed a little sprucing up – if you look closely, you can still see some blue specks of paint in his hair, despite the sudsy attempt to remove!   

I’ve got a shoot tomorrow morning with one of my favorite little girls, so we thought we’d test out our new prop and location — and I think we’ve got a winner!!! I’ll soon post images from this same location with sweet “Miss E”, one of my very first clients!!!  Can’t wait!!  

Cole and Red Wall

Cole and Red Wall 2

Cole and Red Wall 3

Cole and Bars

Nikki, this one’s for you.   Simply.   Beautifully. 

Your sweet loves take my breath away.