Well, I still haven’t seen any butterflies at Butterfly Beach – but apparently there are plenty of lizards!!  The bamboo sticks that the boys have discovered lying around have of course been converted to swords, and as they’ve played among the rocks that line the sea wall, they’ve met many lizard friends.  Grant wants to have a pet lizard, so I’m thankful they’re crazy fast on their little feet!! 

Lucky for me, they just opened a Butterfly Exhibition at the Museum of Natural History, so it was time for some wildlife adventures of a gentler kind!  Most enjoyed nectar from the flowers that were everywhere, but even butterflies love the sugar water from watermelons, and we cracked up as we watched them eat their fruit breakfast -

Butterfly and Watermelon  

I think Cole’s cool tye-dyed shirt looked like a big fruit plate to these little guys – it wasn’t long before he had a little visitor come check him out!  

Butterfly on Cole

Butterfly on Jack  

Grant used a LOT of patience and perserverance, and finally, FINALLY,  one crawled on his finger.  

Butterfly on Grant

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed it hanging out on the beach with the boys.  The morning had been overcast and chilly, and since the ocean is on the chilly side as well out here, we decided to scrap the idea of changing into suits.  Our plan was just to practice catching or maybe hunt for lizards.  But not long after we got there, the clouds burned off and we enjoyed a warm afternoon.  And of course, they wanted to play in the water.  Who needs suits anyway?  Since Cole had been wearing jeans, we just stripped him down to his skivvies and I LOVE this shot of his little butt – especially with his underoos backwards and inside out, just the way he put them on!!  Hee Hee! 

boys at beach

I also love this shot of the big boys having fun with wet sand!

Jack and Grant throwing sand

And one of our favorite discoveries at Butterfly Beach — little “rock people”.  These are, believe it or not, actually balanced upon one another.  Not cemented.  There’s a huge pile of rocks on this section of beach, all smooth and different.  People just come and make precarious rock sculptures, and they’re just too cool.

Stones 1


Can’t wait to share some adventures from next week — on Monday Jack & Grant start a week of Surfing Camp!!!  They’re beyond excited!!  In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend with your families!!  :)  Kristin. 

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  1. Tammy says:

    How fun!!! I am so glad you are enjoying your time with your sweet boys. I LOVE the shot of the 2 of them…girl that one needs to be blown up BIG in your house!! Too cute!!! Miss you!!

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