A Date in Wine Country

July 29, 2009

Since we’ve been here, we’ve met two of the sweetest and kindest babysitters.   Mal and Elizabeth, we love you guys and will miss you like crazy when we return to Atlanta!!!  Cole especially loves them to pieces and never looks back when we go on an occasional date night out.  Cole has told Mal that she’s his “best girl”, and the first time he met Elizabeth, he was picking flowers special for her – something that until then had been reserved just for the Mamma.

On this day, Mal took the boys to the beach, and we giggled like little kids as we left Montecito in a little cloud of dust!  Chris rented a brand new red Mustang convertible, and we had a BLAST!!!  Here’s one of my favorite “self portraits” – literally peeling away into the Wine Country!!


Our first stop was Roblar Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Roblar means Oak Grove – beautiful, knarled oak trees are scattered throughout the vineyard.  We enjoyed a late brunch (they’re equally known for their gourmet food – Yum!) and had a great time sampling away!





After Roblar, we went to Bridlewood – both an equestrian ranch as well as a winery.  I loved the mission-style architecture, something I’ve really become drawn to since we’ve been here in Santa Barbara.  This first image shows the tree-lined drive – I stood right up in the convertible, and got some of the hood of our beast in the photo!  :)




Our last stop was Firestone Vineyards – a must on our list because they include Cabernet in their tastings – my favorite!!  All in all, we purchased a nice collection of wine and are shipping back to Atlanta so we can enjoy and remember our fabulous day in Wine Country!!!!



We’re beginning our preparations for returning home, and hope to get one more post done before it’s time to ship my beloved computer!!

Till then, hugs to all!

:)   Kristin.

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