I have lots to catch up on!!  A posting about my sister’s visit and the best 4th of July ever in a bit  - for now, images from our prior weekend trip!  

We kept Disney a secret from the boys – figured a trip to The Reagan Library would be completely lost on them otherwise (well, even more than it already was!).  Actually, Jack and Grant got a lot out of the experience and they were able to learn much more about the Cold War and watched as Reagan pleaded to “Tear Down This Wall”.  We even got to see a portion of it – first the free side,

Berlin Wall Free

And the stark difference on the opposite.  Amazing how ‘nothing’ can say so much.

Berlin Wall Oppressed

We even got to board and tour Reagan’s Air Force One -

AirForce One

The boys thought that was way cool.  Cole?  Not so much.  Too busy lovin’ on his French Fries -

Cole w finger lens

Love this one of Grant, patiently waiting for the French Fry feast to wrap up so we could go explore some more! 


The next day we drove down to Manhattan Beach, close to Disney – figured we’d tire the boys out in our effort to keep the surprise a surprise as we pulled into the hotel.  It actually worked — they didn’t have a clue till the next morning!!  Cole enjoyed some one-on-one time with Daddy -

Chris&Cole Manhattan Beach 1

Chris&Cole Manhattan Beach 2

Chris&Cole Manhattan Beach 3

Jack and Grant were crazy men in the cold ocean – even shivering, they stayed in till the end of the day.  They made a new little friend – a cute little seal who swam right up to where they were jumping in the waves!!!!  I was so lucky to grab a shot!!!!!  He just popped his little head out to look at the boys – Check it out!!!

Jack&Grant and seal

And here they are still freezing as the sun was setting, only quitting when we told them it was time for dinner!! 

Boys w beach sunset

That night the guys were totally wiped out – so they got a great night’s sleep before our 2 day surprise adventure in Disneyland!  Although I lugged the camera all over the park, I was too busy going on all the rides with the boys and rarely had a chance to grab a shot.  I did get this horribly underexposed one of the boys visiting Mickey – it’s crazy-grainy after my attempts to recover as much as I could, but I don’t even care – I’m so happy to catch the wonder on Cole’s face as Mickey touched his little nose.  He was in awe and in heaven. 

Micky Mouse

I also had a chance to watch Chris and Jack as they literally went from 0 to 80 mph in something like 2 crazy seconds – this was Jack’s first upsidedown roller coaster ride – “California Screaming” at the California Theme Park across from Disney.  He’s officially a coaster junkie now – actually Grant too – their favorite ride was most definately Space Mountain.  

Chris&Jack on coaster

Grant sat this one out with me -

Grant coaster

And this image of Cole in his stroller says it all – we played our hearts out at Disney!!

Cole Sleeping Disney

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