Skaters are Born -

July 22, 2009

On the last day of Surf Camp a few weeks ago, Jack wanted to buy a surfboard and bring it home.  I knew we were in trouble.

I figured that maybe learning how to skateboard would kinda be like surfing on wheels back home, so I was lucky to get them into a local Skateboard Camp that’s taught in a great Skate Park right on the beach. Jack was all over it.  Grant wasn’t so sure, but was willing to give it a try.  Turns out, they were both hooked day one.

It was a great camp – one of those Mommy times that you just have to take a deep breath and let go, knowing they’re geared up and protected as well as possible.  Well, all but their butts, which could have used a bit of padding every now and then!  But I knew it would be awesome for their balance and self confidence – and so my Skaters were Born!!

This camp was only one week long, and Jack had been on a skateboard on our driveway a few times, but Grant’s never been on one until now.  I was amazed at how far both came in such a short time.  Check them out!!



Grant got the coolest skateboard ever.  Since he had never skateboarded before, we had to buy one for him.  There’s a very cool Skater store here – formerly a Baptist Church, now converted into the “Church of Skatan” – a little intimidating from the outside…




But in actuality, it’s a great store with super helpful Skateboard dudes working there.  New boards get pretty pricey, so they suggested a used one – and we ended up with a cool one that’s been very well used and loved.  It was all broken in, and Grant could ride and turn easily on it – he had a blast and I had so much fun photographing them!  His smile always kills me -


Grant always finds an alternative way to do things :)  Soon after these shots were taken, tons of kids started riding on their butts too!!



A few days into the camp, the instructors brought tough-guy stencils and fun spray paint – so Grant made his even more unique than it already was!


Here’s Jack cruising down a pretty steep ramp – another time I just had to take a deep breath and let go.   Hard to do sometimes-



This portion of the Skate Park is really steep and scary – Grant again found an alternative way to have fun!


Check out this move!  Way to go Jack!!








Cole was looking pretty studly too in what he loves to call his “Rock and Roll” shirt and Church of Skatan cap!


One of the Camp Instructors helped him look even more “rad” by positioning his fingers so he could sport the cool-dude look -



It was such a blast for the boys that they’ll do one more Skate Camp next week, our last week here!!!  They’re surfing again this week, and I hope to get a few more shots to post shortly.  Next up, images from a day date with my #1 Guy – last weekend we went for a tour in Wine Country, stopping at several vineyards for tastings!!  Chris rented a red convertible 2010 Mustang – and we had the best date ever!!   Can’t wait to share!!!

:)  Kristin.

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