Whale Watching!!!!!!

July 9, 2009

Okay – so I’ve always, always wanted to go whale watching – so forgive the loads of images you’re about to see.  My sister, brother-in-law, and 3 precious neices visited us for the 4th of July weekend – and we had the best.  time.   EVER!! 

The Santa Barbara Channel is literally the best place in the world to see the great Blue Whales, the largest creature to ever live on this planet – and that includes dinasaurs! Crazy!!  The best time to see them is July – Nov, so the moment I knew my sis was coming, I wanted to plan the trip around their visit.  I was so thrilled that they were up for it!  Here we are taking off -

Whale Watching 1

Whale Watching 2

Here’s Ella – she’ll be 7 soon, and I’ve never had a hug as tight as hers.  She can squeeze the stuffing out of you, and leave your heart full.   Love those curls -  

Whale Watching 3

First, a cruise through the harbor – here are some Sea Lions that just love to hang out on this buoy!! 



Gotta admit I was a little worried about 6 little kids on a choppy whale watching trip – didn’t know if they’d be excited or totally wiped out.  These images say it all – they all have adventurous little spirits – I love it!!  Here’s Ella, Jack and Grant out in the FREEZING wind as the waves kept spraying them – screaming and cracking up the whole entire time -

Whale Watching 6

Whale Watching 5

Whale Watching 4

Once we got way out there, we got a glimpse of our first Big Blue.  They’re so big that they don’t show much as they surface.  What you can’t see of them you hear – a loud spray as they push air out of their blowholes!  Too cool!!

Whale Watching 15

We also met a curious Humpback that was all over us – kept following the boat, and giving us a show.  I was over the moon -

Whale Watching 14

Here’s Bryan (Uncle Fry) with my littlest neice, Eme – she’s just 2 months older than Cole, and the sweetest little thing.  She smiles all the time.

Whale Watching 13

The Humpback knew we were watching and even did a trick for us!   I was so happy to be right there with my camera!  A huge tail slap right there next to us!!!  From this,

Whale Watching 10

To this – in one millisecond.

Whale Watching 12

Sprayed us all.  Too cool.  He even waved goodbye with his gorgeous tail -  

Whale Watching 9

Whale Watching 8

The cruise brought us all the way to the Channel Islands, about 20 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara.  They were beautiful – check out this Sea Lion perched on the tip of the rugged rock looking out over the ocean -

Whale Watching 16

The captain even brought us into the mouth of this giant sea cave!   

Whale Watching 18

Whale Watching 17

On the way back we ran into a Pod of Dolphins – there were literally over 100 of these guys playing in the waves all around the boat – they followed us for quite a while – we could see mommies with little babies jumping beside them – I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Whale Watching 19

One of the fun things we did during their visit was attend the first “Concert in the Park” Series, a free open concert they have every Thurs night right off the coastline.  We packed a great pesto chicken dinner, complete with wine and chocolate brownies, kicked back, and enjoyed great music.  We all had a blast.  Here’s Cole showing off some of his “moves” -

Concert 1

And hanging with Aunt JJ - 

Concert 2

And here’s Daphne.  She’s quiet and has the sweetest heart.  Daph loves Green.  And noone can wear it as beautifully as her. 

Concert 3

I think this is my favorite image ever of the cousins together!! Thanks, Jan, for capturing the friendship and energy of our awesome family.

Concert 5

Concert 4

More to come soon!  This coming weekend we’re planning a trip to Yosemite – can’t wait!!!!  


All my best,


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