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Summertime Fun!

August 13, 2009

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved every moment of my break from the craziness of being a Mommy and running a business on the side. It can definitely be challenging, mostly on my ability to get my beauty rest!!! But being a Photographer is part of my soul, and I couldn’t wait to get back to work!

I so enjoyed meeting these amazing kids – four in all – so kind to one another and so much patience and love for their baby sister. We had a FUN session together and we got both beautiful shots and those that show their fun-loving, summertime spirits! I love this first image – we were looking for Hippos in the backyard – Ha!! After cracking up, you can see just what I mean about how these kids love the littlest one — they all turn to look at her reaction. This is one of my favorite images.

Gannon Kids at Window

Gannon - Ashlynn

Gannon - Ava

Here’s Little Miss “A” – what a doll!!

Gannon - Aerin on Porch

I love plopping kids into Mom and Dad’s bed — there’s always fun and a little mischief in their eyes!! Love it!

Gannon Kids in Bed

The two oldest are twins, and I loved capturing the bond they have between them.

Gannon - Twins2

Gannon - Twins1

Gannon - Conor

We ended the session on this sweltering August day the best way possible — getting sprinkled with a hose in your pretty clothes!! Isn’t it great to be a kid?? Talk about pure joy! Btw I LOVE moms who don’t care if their kids get dirty — thanks Danya!!

Gannon - Sprinkler

Coming Home!!

August 1, 2009

We are so blessed. It’s been a rocky road this past year, with Chris’ company shutting down in April and the preparation we’ve done bracing ourselves for the financial impact. It will be rocky going forward – an extensive job search underway as we speak. But in between we’ve had the summer of our lives.

For the past 8 weeks we’ve enjoyed our escape from reality as Chris continued his temporary work assignment, and we’ve made an adventure out of every day. My passion is photography, and for the past 3 years I’ve poured myself into my work. I’m looking forward to getting back, but for the past 2 months I’ve been able to pour myself into our kids and family. My soul needed this break, and I didn’t even know it. God always has a guiding hand in our lives, and with this amazing experience, He helped me refocus on the most important of all things – family and living life to the fullest. Having plain old fun together. Laughing, discovering, trying new things (even if they’re intimidating), learning to slow down. Ice cream. Sunshine. Fresh air. Quality time. These experiences will guide and shape my workload going forward.

We return home on Monday, and although we will miss Santa Barbara like crazy, we’re excited to see our friends and family again!!! We’ll still have lots of QT together, we’ll just have to make a point of including it in our crazy schedules!! School starts next Monday for the boys, and so will homework, projects, karate, baseball, soccer, chess, photo shoots, craziness!! It’s all fun, though, and even though it’s hectic I’m looking forward to it!!!

Thanks for following us on our adventures out here!! If you’re interested in scheduling a photography session, give me a ring or drop me an email — I still have some slots available, but for the most part my schedule is close to full through mid November!

See ya soon!!!
:) Kristin.

It’s kinda a “Fun Friday” tradition for our family — Pizza night. It’s been extra-special here, making a picnic of it on Butterfly Beach. Chris meets us out there after a long day of work – pizza in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Us? By that time we’re happily crispy and still tacky with lotion after a long afternoon of playing in the sand. We spread out a blanket, the boys devour their pizza and run off to conquer foreign lands with their bamboo swords, and we kick back, enjoy our wine and the sunset. Doesn’t get any better than that.

So last night we skipped the bathing suits and I spent some time getting sandy toe pictures while we waited for Chris to bring the pizza hot from Giovanni’s. I love sandy toes.




After catching those toes, I wanted to get a pic of Jack and Grant swinging Cole into the air, something they always do on their own, except when I ask them to for the camera. What started out as a swinging attempt immediately turned into a spinning free-for-all, and Cole ended up being whipped around like a little ragdoll. Milliseconds after this first fun image was shot, he did a face plant into the sand. Lots of tears, lots of time needed to spit all the sand out of his mouth, and the minute he was clear, he runs back to his brothers, cracking up, to do it all over again. I love these guys!!!!




I can’t believe this is our final weekend here. Of course it will be nice getting home. But it will be hard to leave. That’s for sure.

Goodbye, our Butterfly Beach.

the Half Pipe

August 1, 2009

Yesterday the boys finished up their second week of Skate Camp — I still can’t believe how far they came in such a short time. When we first arrived, Grant had never been on a skateboard, and Jack had only a little experience, basically riding down our driveway. Yesterday, he mastered the Half Pipe, and I was all over it (breathe, Kristin, breathe)!!!






There were plenty of wipeouts along the way – his gear got a big protective workout — but he had a great feeling of accomplishment – Great going Jack!!


Grant mastered jumping on his skateboard — here’s a cool shot of him mid-flight!


Hope there’s a good Skate Park in Atlanta!! I have a feeling the boys will be asking to go day one…

Way to Go Chris!!!!!!!

August 1, 2009

I am so incredibly proud of my husband!!!!! He’s not a stranger to running, but there’s a HUGE difference between running on a treadmill versus pavement (not that I’d know by personal experience! Ha!). The moment we arrived here, we’ve always been drawn outdoors, as most people are. Coming from the South, I’m still amazed at a place that has no humidity to speak of. Chris just started picking up running on most mornings, which are always crisp and beautiful here.

His goal early on was to participate in “Night Moves” – a 5k that takes place every Wednesday evening right off the beach. The finish line opens right up into a big outdoor party overlooking the ocean, with a live band and food sponsored by local restaurants. It’s a blast and has hundreds who participate each week.

Here they are taking off in a wide stretch of grass that overlooks a cliff over the ocean —


As the runners took off, we got a great view from the cliff of the swimmers who also participate each week. You can either run, swim, or for those crazy enough, both!! You can see the long line of swimmers off of the coastline – across from all the sailors just off the harbor – how fun!!


After watching the swimmers we moved on down to the finish line to welcome Chris and cheer him on. Cole waited very patiently — the big brothers were way up ahead of me, ready to report when he got close! :)


Way to go Big Daddy!!!!! Look at that smile!! You can see the big boys just off to his right, watching with great big smiles plastered all over their faces as well!!


The boys were very proud and excited as well to welcome him across the finish line – his first 5k!! Jack wants to run a marathon now!!! :)



Here’s a quick shot of the after-party – fun music, fun food, cold beer, proud mama!!


Way to go, baby — you rock!!!