It’s kinda a “Fun Friday” tradition for our family — Pizza night. It’s been extra-special here, making a picnic of it on Butterfly Beach. Chris meets us out there after a long day of work – pizza in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Us? By that time we’re happily crispy and still tacky with lotion after a long afternoon of playing in the sand. We spread out a blanket, the boys devour their pizza and run off to conquer foreign lands with their bamboo swords, and we kick back, enjoy our wine and the sunset. Doesn’t get any better than that.

So last night we skipped the bathing suits and I spent some time getting sandy toe pictures while we waited for Chris to bring the pizza hot from Giovanni’s. I love sandy toes.




After catching those toes, I wanted to get a pic of Jack and Grant swinging Cole into the air, something they always do on their own, except when I ask them to for the camera. What started out as a swinging attempt immediately turned into a spinning free-for-all, and Cole ended up being whipped around like a little ragdoll. Milliseconds after this first fun image was shot, he did a face plant into the sand. Lots of tears, lots of time needed to spit all the sand out of his mouth, and the minute he was clear, he runs back to his brothers, cracking up, to do it all over again. I love these guys!!!!




I can’t believe this is our final weekend here. Of course it will be nice getting home. But it will be hard to leave. That’s for sure.

Goodbye, our Butterfly Beach.

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