Way to Go Chris!!!!!!!

August 1, 2009

I am so incredibly proud of my husband!!!!! He’s not a stranger to running, but there’s a HUGE difference between running on a treadmill versus pavement (not that I’d know by personal experience! Ha!). The moment we arrived here, we’ve always been drawn outdoors, as most people are. Coming from the South, I’m still amazed at a place that has no humidity to speak of. Chris just started picking up running on most mornings, which are always crisp and beautiful here.

His goal early on was to participate in “Night Moves” – a 5k that takes place every Wednesday evening right off the beach. The finish line opens right up into a big outdoor party overlooking the ocean, with a live band and food sponsored by local restaurants. It’s a blast and has hundreds who participate each week.

Here they are taking off in a wide stretch of grass that overlooks a cliff over the ocean —


As the runners took off, we got a great view from the cliff of the swimmers who also participate each week. You can either run, swim, or for those crazy enough, both!! You can see the long line of swimmers off of the coastline – across from all the sailors just off the harbor – how fun!!


After watching the swimmers we moved on down to the finish line to welcome Chris and cheer him on. Cole waited very patiently — the big brothers were way up ahead of me, ready to report when he got close! :)


Way to go Big Daddy!!!!! Look at that smile!! You can see the big boys just off to his right, watching with great big smiles plastered all over their faces as well!!


The boys were very proud and excited as well to welcome him across the finish line – his first 5k!! Jack wants to run a marathon now!!! :)



Here’s a quick shot of the after-party – fun music, fun food, cold beer, proud mama!!


Way to go, baby — you rock!!!


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