So I’m on the phone with a friend of mine. My little sidekick is around me somewhere, and I don’t even notice how quiet it’s suddenly become. My first hint I had that he was up to something was a tickle in the back of my throat – what’s that — baby powder? Yup, I think it’s baby powder coming from somewhere. So I turn around and in mid sentence, my friend is tickled as I’m now cracking up. I’m trying to describe the sight before me – it looks like my child has just come in from a blizzard. And she’s a mommy. And she says – ok – stop talking and go grab your camera. And I’m so glad I did.

This first shot says a thousand words – which all kinda boil down to one phrase: “uh who… me?? Nothing – why do you ask??”


He gets a little more comfortable when he sees he’s got an audience who’s completely amused.


And now we’re really talking!!


I love my boys!!!!

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