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Fall in Atlanta

October 31, 2009

I just adore this amazing young woman – and we always have a ton of fun on a shoot. So when her mom told me she’s crazy about the Fall and wanted to build a shoot around the beauty of the season, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate the abandoned Trains, which are all about golds, bronzes and rusty accents. We started the Session at a downtown park, and the sun was just beginning to drop down low enough to sparkle through the firey trees. Striking.

The sun, which was quickly dropping by the time we got to the Trains, gave off incredibly dramatic light. At the time, I was a little concerned about what we’d be able to get out of the remainder of our Session, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t dream of stopping. And I’m so glad we didn’t. The lighting was
a m a z i n g.

We even caught a glimpse of the moon – how cool is that?!?

Now this last shot I owe completely to her imagination. By now, it’s just plain dark. Nothing left to work with. Until she had the brilliant idea of having her dad drive his SUV and shine his headlights down the side of this cool old building. All of my work until this point has centered around natural light. Never in a million years did I think my first supplemental lighting source would be high-beams!! Ha! But they were magic.

Thanks for another great Session, CD – I can’t wait for our next shoot!!!! :)

A Session close to my heart

October 26, 2009

It’s been 8 years since I’ve seen my dear friend Allison. We worked together for several years before I was finally able to become the Full Time Mommy that I always wanted to be. We’ve kept in touch every Christmas, and I’ve loved seeing her beautiful daughters grow each time I’ve received a card. I feel like I know them, just by reading her funny recollections of how they’ve changed and grown each year. So when she called to schedule a Session, I knew it would be a special one.

Problem was, it was cold. I’m not talkin’ chilly, it was so cold that her littlest one was literally shivering pretty much the entire time. It had been so mild the week before, and the sudden drop in temperature wasn’t in the plan. We ended up cutting the Session short, so although we don’t have the volume of images that I normally like to present, I’m so excited about the ones we did get. We found a little nook that was sheltered by the wind, and got some dreamy images that I just adore.

The Nest

October 26, 2009

A little over a week ago I was thrilled to receive an email inquiring about a newborn session. It’s their first child, a beautiful baby girl, and once I learned that her middle name was Wren and that this family loved to travel and loved nature, we knew right away that a sweet little nest just HAD to be the focal point of the shoot.

So we set it up and waited for her to drift off to never never land. And we waited. At 14 days old, she was quite the curious little soul, very alert and didn’t want to miss a thing! We finally shifted gears and decided to go with some awake shots. Usually beautiful newborn images are hard to capture wheyn they’re awake, because they’re usually squirming a lot or their eyes get crossed as they try to focus on the camera. But Miss E is very much at peace, even when awake, and we got some really cute shots.

I love this one with her little fingers against her cheek.

Finally, finally, she started to get sleepy. We got her nice and toasty, she finally nodded off, and we got the shots we waited all morning for. It was well worth the wait. Look at this sweet baby.

Finally, we placed her on a well-traveled old suitcase, a fitting illustration of their love of traveling the world. I love the story it tells.

I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow. From what I’ve seen, she’ll be a beautiful, inquisitive, well-traveled little girl in a family that loves her completely.

A very special Jewel

October 13, 2009

Little “Miss B” – her name is one of the most unique and beautiful I’ve ever heard, and when I asked it’s meaning, her mom told me it’s an old family name, meaning “Intricate Piece of Jewelry”. And she truly is. She’s multifaceted – like a striking piece of jewelry that shows unique beauty depending on the light. She’s not even quite 3, yet shows such depth in her eyes – she can be soulful one moment and crack up the next. Her curls are wild and frame her eyes so beautifully. She’s a tomboy but she loves to be pretty like a princess. And she loves adventure. And so we had one together.

First, she shared a princess tea party with a special friend.

Actually, a very special friend.

She’s got a backyard perfect for a little adventurer, complete with a handmade swing that sways deep from a branch way up high.

Just before I arrived at their home, I passed by the coolest set of abandoned trains. Lucky for me, Little B has this adventurous spirit, and was all for visiting the trains and exploring! We had a blast!!!