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Watching Him Grow…

November 28, 2009

I LOVE this little man. If you’ve looked at my Image Gallery, you’ll recognize him in a heartbeat, and no doubt his eyes melted your heart. The first time I met him he was only 3 months old, and I’ve had the privilege of capturing him many times since then. I love watching little ones grow, and love being a special part of these families, helping to document their little loves’ milestones.

“Mr. B” is busy BUSY!! He is ALL about exploration, and I was cracking up during our entire Session – I got about a billion “drive by’s”, and I was literally out of breath, running to stay ahead of him!! But I LOVE the shots we got, especially because they capture his spirit exactly how it is – an adventurous, all-boy little guy.


This one kills me! He was in the middle of a “drive by”, when he caught me out of the corner of his eye, and investigated the lens of the camera! Gotcha!

Managed to get a few fun shots during some quiet moments -

And yes, this one’s my favorite.

You’ll see Little B again in the Spring, when I’ll have the honor of capturing his new baby brother as he graces his life. I can’t wait to document the beginning of a friendship that will last a lifetime.


November 25, 2009

I was on my way home from an incredible Newborn Photography workshop, Baby as Art in San Diego. My head was still swimming with inspiration, and I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to photograph my next newborn. I sat down on the plane, next to a man who wasn’t even supposed to be there — he had graciously given up his seat so that a mother could sit with her sons. I sat there, gazing through the book of incredible newborn photography that I had just been given, chatting about photography and my amazing experience. And little did I know it but his friends just had a baby 2 days prior, back home in Atlanta. My face dropped and I could barely get the words out – and he was already emailing his friends, telling them all about me, and would they be interested in a Session. A few moments later it was set, and I was over the moon.

Here she is, beautiful “Baby L”. I photographed her yesterday, only 9 days old. She was the perfect little newborn model, snoozing through the entire Session. We got tons of amazing images, but I couldn’t wait to post my favorite few so her sweet mom and dad could have a “sneak peek”. Thanks again, Julie and John, for welcoming me into your home, and giving me the opportunity to capture the newness of your beautiful Gift from Heaven.


I’m thrilled to launch Bella Mi’s new Logo and Blog design, compliments of Luxcetera, a Branding and Logo Design Firm. When I started three years ago, I designed my original logo myself on my shoestring budget!! At first I thought it looked great, but there was more than one person that found it difficult to read on my business card – it was a little too busy looking. I realized it was time to work with a professional firm to help create a look and feel that complimented what I strive to capture in all my subjects – something fun, fresh & beautiful, with a modern look and feel.

I worked with Ashley Jankowski, who not only made me feel like I was her only customer (when in fact they’re so sought after that they currently have a 6 month waiting list just to begin the design process!), but her artistic talent and eye for overall design & balance helped create a logo that I’m absolutely in love with. I was amazed to learn she lived right here in the Atlanta area, and so we were able to meet for lunch – sketching away, taking an abstract idea and ultimately creating the flowing, unique “Bella Mi” design.

She also designed my new Blog Header, which rotates images every few seconds, my Blog wallpaper and Tagline. For any business interested in Branding, I highly recommend Luxcetera – they’re artists who create a Branding design unique to you, beautifully.