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A Christmas Gift

December 26, 2009

We’ve had so much fun as we’ve counted down the days before Christmas. I don’t think the days can be any longer when you’re a child with such great anticipation. So we decided to have some fun on Christmas Eve creating Gifts for the little birds who decided to linger here through the winter.

We took oranges, carved out the insides, stuck sticks through as little perches, and tied some twine so we could hang them from the branches. I know it will make some little feathered friends very happy!

Today I had my very first client at my brand new studio, a beautiful and precious baby girl. It was freezing cold and dreary outside, with only a week to go before Christmas. We were warm and snuggly, and my heart glowed as I captured images that so far I’ve only dreamed of doing.

This one wipes me out. I love how the warm tones of the wood compliment her gorgeous skin tone, and of course how can you not smile when you look at those adorable lips?!? You’re beautiful, sweet little angel.

Perfectly Made

December 16, 2009

I met the sweetest little boy last week. Every child is unique, and “Baby T” is even more so. God made him perfectly, with a uniqueness that makes him even more special. When he was born, his mommy and daddy counted 10 little fingers and 11 little toes. Depending on how he grows, and how shoes will fit him in the future, they may make the decision to remove that extra little toe, but for now, I was thrilled to capture him as God made him, so they’ll always remember how perfect he was.

A new baby brother…

December 6, 2009

I met the sweetest family this weekend. They have the most adorable little 3 year old little girl, and she’s all about being a pretty princess. I knew I was her friend when she gave me her special tiara to wear, and I was able to grab some sweet images of her with her brand new baby brother. I think his eyes will be just as blue and beautiful.
Smith - Patrick1
Smith - Patrick3

You can just feel the tenderness in this beautiful moment:
Smith - Patrick2