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It’s pitiful, really. I looked outside as the boys came home from school last Thursday – they’d been looking forward to this day all week. The weatherman had predicted the Report of the Gods: “a Chance of Snow”. And sure enough, as they ran home from the bus stop, there were tiny little flurries just beginning to fall in Atlanta. Every year they pray for it – but I can only remember one really amazing snowfall in recent years where we actually had enough to make snowmen.

So what was so pitiful? There they were, bookbags discarded wherever, and they were “sliding” – well “rolling” actually, down the grass in the front yard. No snow sticking to them, of course – only measily leftover grass clippings from the fall. But the joyful anticipation of snowfall was all over their little faces, and I triple crossed my fingers that it would continue.

It did. For about an hour. Then petered out.

But overnight, we had some sleet, and that’s all it takes to close down roads and schools here in the South. It was just a light dusting, really, but it was a morning for hot waffles and sticky syrup, of great anticipation, and a day made for playing and lots of hot chocolate. And that’s what it’s all about.

Our backyard isn’t great for playing – it’s got such a steep grade. But you add a little ice? Well, this makes our backyard ROCK. Kids from all over the neighborhood came over and we had a blast all day. Did you know that a hill that’s 98% dirt and 2% ice can make you fly?


Sure, there were some minor fender benders along the way…

But even Cole got into the fun (luckily, he thought the bottom half was thrilling enough!). Yes, he’s in there somewhere, smiling HUGE!

In fact, I don’t think he ever stopped smiling. Here’s his “Snow Angel”. And how could it be pitiful when so much heart was put into it? No. This was an incredible, magical Snow Angel.

The winter is still young, and I hope to post many more chilly adventures for this child-at-heart. Happy Snow Dreams to all!!