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100 days

March 20, 2010

I think every parent hears this from total strangers over and over again… “Enjoy every moment – they grow up so fast”. It’s SO true. And no other year shows how much they grow more than the first. I had the privilege of capturing this adorable baby boy as a newborn just 16 weeks ago. It’s just amazing how much he’s changed and how his personality has come alive in only 100 days:

Stay tuned… I can’t wait to post images from our next Session three months from now! It’s so fun capturing these precious first year milestones!

Worth the Wait

March 19, 2010

This time of year, the weather is just so hard to predict. I couldn’t wait to meet this sweet family, and it was crazy how many times we had to reschedule due to rain, freezing winds or even snow!! Even on this day, it was pretty overcast, and I debated whether we should go for it… I’m glad we did! We did most of the shoot outside, which was just perfect for these adorable brothers — we had a great afternoon, exploring their new urban neighborhood. And it was definitely worth the wait!!

The boys were so excited, and I loved their energy as they ran and danced around in front of their beautiful home!


After a day full of exploring, we went inside for a hot chocolate break, and with warm bellies and tired souls, we got an image that just wipes me out.


First Taste of Spring

March 13, 2010

This year, the Spring weather has been especially crazy. Every time I think I can safely get rid of the snow gear (which for this southern family means essentially old jeans and tennis shoes… hey – at least we have decent coats), we get another snow day! We’ve seen more snow this year than any other winter I can remember. Awesome for the boys! Here we are, just two weeks ago – the snowman completely their creation. As we’re a little short on coal, I loved Grant’s substitution idea of frozen blueberries!!!

I do love the snow. But I’m not a big fan of freezing cold weather, and I’m soooooo looking forward to warmer days. And with this crazy Spring weather, it’s usually not long before you get a huge temperature swing the other way. Just a few days ago we had one of those incredibly gorgeous early Spring days – no chill to the air, and when you were standing in the sun, it warmed you all the way to your toes. So that’s just how I spent the morning with my Cole – toes out, enjoying the first taste of Spring! (Oh, and of course “Scoutie” joined us – she’s a little stuffed version of my sister’s beagle… she’s been a beloved friend to all three of the boys, and especially this little one.)

One Year Old!

March 12, 2010

Sweet Vera. One year ago I had the pleasure of photographing her as her family welcomed her into their arms, a sweet baby girl with two handsome big brothers. To this day, the image of her nestled into a beautiful vase remains one of my favorites. Here she is a year ago, so tiny and precious:

Vera in Bowl

And now, at a year old, still just as precious.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl.