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April 29, 2010

This family has just welcomed their sweet new love into their family. They are joined by hearts even stronger than by blood. Wyatt is their second son, with a peaceful charm about him that just melted my heart – his little soul blessed by adoption into this very loving family. At one point I just held him as his mommy finished getting ready, and as I talked with his older brother, I heard all sorts of little coos and blowing bubbles. I looked down at this little bundle in my arms, and he looks up at me with his huge, gorgeous eyes and breaks out into the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a little three month old baby. He smiled and smiled, cooing and talking away, like he had something very important to say. And I think he was expressing the peace in his heart for finding his perfect home.

While Wyatt had a little snack, his big brother and I had fun being explorers in their backyard.

And yes, he happens to have the kind of eyelashes that you can get lost in!! :)

I’ll be posting lots of images of Wyatt over the next year. He’ll need an operation, bless his little heart, because the plates of his forehead have prematurely fused together and unless it is fixed it will negatively affect his brain growth. I’ll photograph him in two more months, right before he undergoes surgery. He will be in my thoughts and prayers, and hopefully in yours now too.


The inspiration for this special Session began almost a year ago. It’s so funny how I met this wonderful woman. She just happened to overhear my excited chatter about a unique location I had just discovered. She had already begun dreaming of capturing the love that she and her husband share – she just didn’t know which photographer to reach out to. And so we stumbled upon each other completely by accident.

First things first – capturing their amazingly talented son. You may remember Stephano from a Session last fall – a very talented young guitarist…

We knew even back then that we wanted their Session to be unique, and really show the essence of their lives together. And so it only seemed fitting to wait until Springtime to photograph them, surrounded by the renewal and beauty of life.

We returned to that special location, one of my favorites – a quiet place, one that has an ancient oak tree – a strong statement that to me represents the
strength of their unity and the love that they share.

And now my favorite part… we opened up the car doors, and cranked up the fun, Salsa music – and they danced, there, alone in this beautiful open space (alone with me, that is, that fly-on-the-wall that you always wish could capture fun moments like this!! I love it!! Btw – he’s an amazing dancer and it was a blast just watching them!!!) -

We ended the Session in a gorgeous, soft, gentle field. And I just adore these beautiful moments, especially the last one.

I loved meeting this sweet family. They have a precious little girl who’s just turned one, and so she was the main focus of the Session. Although she had the most adorable big brother, so I had fun capturing his sweet heart as well! She’s a gentle little soul, a little princess in the making.

And she’ll be beautiful, just like her mommy.

She would absolutely light up any time she saw her big brother. This image grabs my heart, because it’s just so subtle, but you can see the love in her eyes as she watches him approach her. I just love this image.

And who could blame her? Just look at this sweet face.


A few more

April 7, 2010

I photographed two brothers a few weeks ago, and towards the end of the Session, as I got some really cute images of the littlest one against a brick wall, his older brother was just plain ready to go back inside for some Hot Chocolate. It was a cold, dreary day, and I can’t say I blamed him one tiny bit.

His mom loved the brick images so much, that we decided to do just a few more shots with Gray, so he could have some that were similar to his little brother’s. We spent about 10 minutes together this morning, and got some really cute shots!! I think he’s just so handsome.


April 5, 2010

Two days ago I got to gaze into the GORGEOUS eyes of little Jaiden, who captured my heart with one look. I know he’ll do the same to you… he’s already a soulful child, even at such a tender age.

Whenever he needed a break from being such a cute model, he would fall fast asleep in his Mommy & Daddy’s arms, and I was able to capture moments that show the deep love and connection they share.


Teaparty for two

April 5, 2010

With these early days of Spring, it’s been so wonderful to get outside and enjoy bare feet in the grass once again. I loved spending the afternoon with this sweet family, who have two adorable little girls. The oldest is crazy about princesses, and looked just like one in a vibrant pettiskirt, sipping tea in her front yard. I was smiling behind the camera the whole time, watching how she poured her cup so delicately, even swirling her “tea” with a pretend candy swizzle stick, and drank each cup down to the last drop. She had a blast.Cate1

And my heart melted as her prince joined her.

Sleeping Beauty.

And her baby sister at 7 months is a beauty as well. I LOVE her sweet little rollie pollies!!!

We ended the day having an adventure in their backyard… a little creek, ready for rainboots and an adventurous spirit.


April 1, 2010

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We’ve done a lot of behind the scenes work these past few weeks, laying beautiful wood flooring as well as scouting out reclaimed wood for our rustic backdrop – all making special touches to our new Bella Mi Studio!!!!

And it was touching for me to have sweet Mason be the first precious baby to photograph in this new and improved space! When I first started Bella Mi Photography, his big brother Brayden was one of my first clients, and I’ve been photographing him since he was 3 months old. Their family is very special to me – I’ve loved watching Bradyen grow, and am honored to capture these priceless first moments as they welcome their second son into their lives.

And I can’t wrap up this special posting without wishing a very Happy Birthday to Mason’s mommy… Happy Birthday, Tonya! Thank you for letting me be such a special part of your family!!! I wish you all the best this day and every day.