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Graham & Connor

June 30, 2010

I can get lost in chubby babies. Little Connor has rolls and dimples that are as deep as his blue eyes. And his big brother is one of the most patient and loving that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Such a great listener, and such a big boy on the inside. He’s like an old soul trapped in a little body. I had a ton of fun with the two of them.


Update on Wyatt

June 28, 2010

It’s been one week since sweet Wyatt’s cranial surgery, and for those who have been following my Blog postings, I’m very excited to relay the news that the surgery went well and he’s well on the road to recovery. He’s such a happy little guy that according to his mommy, he doesn’t even realize he needs to take time to recover!!! He’s a resilient little man, and his spirit along with God’s Grace has brought him and his family through this difficult time. You’re a strong child, Wyatt, meant for big and wonderful things. I’m so honored to capture your first amazing year.


June 22, 2010

You’ll remember this little sweetheart from a post just a few months ago. His heart is as big as his gorgeous eyes, and he is just the happiest little guy ever. Always ready to flash you a smile bigger than the world. And just yesterday, he underwent major surgery to address plates in his forehead that fused together prematurely, which if left alone, could eventually affect his brain growth. So just a few days before his surgery, I met with his family to capture him just the way he was graced by God as he came into their lives.

My heart is with you as you go through your recovery, sweet little Wyatt. I’ll see you again in three months. Hugs and blessings.


June 20, 2010

I found this iron bed at an Antique Market – I immediately fell in love with it’s simplicity and the way it has aged so gracefully. All I could envision was bringing it to an open field, with simple white linens, and creating a peaceful and whimsical image. And these beautiful sisters make this image everything I envisioned from the moment I saw it. This family are dear friends of ours, and I’m so excited to give this gift to them. Happy Father’s Day, Eric.
bed in field 1