June 22, 2010

You’ll remember this little sweetheart from a post just a few months ago. His heart is as big as his gorgeous eyes, and he is just the happiest little guy ever. Always ready to flash you a smile bigger than the world. And just yesterday, he underwent major surgery to address plates in his forehead that fused together prematurely, which if left alone, could eventually affect his brain growth. So just a few days before his surgery, I met with his family to capture him just the way he was graced by God as he came into their lives.

My heart is with you as you go through your recovery, sweet little Wyatt. I’ll see you again in three months. Hugs and blessings.

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  1. heidi says:

    last picture made me tear up! it reminds me of when my little 8 month old had to have a surgery (nothing like what wyatt and his family is going through). i held my little baby just as tightly. good luck to the family. ;)

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