Ava… so many looks,

October 6, 2010

every one of them GORGEOUS!!!!

I arrived and there she was – her hair loose and free and amazing. Her mommy was trying to contain it with a hairband, but Ava didn’t want one. She waited patiently as the finishing touches were placed on her little toenails, and the moment they were done, she wiggled away, not thinking twice about whether they’d smudge. That’s what I love about kids. They have a free spirit. We can try to contain it, but I love it when I can catch a glimpse of their little hearts and capture it forever.

We never did get the hairband in until the end of the Session, and I was happy it worked out that way. Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried a gazillion times to get my hair to do that wavy doo-dad thing around my face to frame it like that, and I’ve never been able to do it. And here, on this beautiful child, it just does it naturally. She’s somethin’.

Gotta love the toes!

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