January 25, 2011

There’s no more denying it – my biggest boy is growing up. He started Middle School this year, has loved taking on the new responsibilities and has handled the new workload like a champ. I look at him and see the young man he’s becoming – I’m proud and my heart crumbles a little all at the same time. His interests are changing. He’s into music and fast cars. He’s a runner. A soccer player. A guitarist. An awesome big brother.

Last Friday he got his braces. I picked him up early from school and took him out to his favorite burger & shake joint. I nabbed a couple of pictures before the big adventure — I just had to capture his toothy grin and structure of his face before the braces shape his smile.

He picked blue and orange for his first 6 weeks. I never realized how much he really needs the braces – so many teeth all crowded in there! He was very sore this weekend, but is feeling almost back to normal this week. One more milestone down.

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