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Kristin Arndt has:

a. Dropped off the face of the planet
b. Quit Photography
c. Quit Blogging
d. None of the above

Yes, when in doubt, choose D.

Those who know me know exactly what I’ve been up to these past several months. Still photographing, still loving every moment, but crazy (well, I’m always crazy – so put some afterburners on that one). My focus has been on editing projects, running around with my 3 awesome boys, and oh yea – completely gutting the heart of our home!!! The kitchen has been something we’ve been dying to renovate for 13 years. Don’t get me wrong – white formica countertops that um… yes – wrap up and become a fabulous backsplash has it’s benefits. What is it again? Oh yeah – it stays shockingly white even after 13 years. The cabinets? Not so much. Started out white, faded to a dull yellow over the years. Oh – and the laminate was literally peeling off. Drawer bases totally sagging. Hinges giving out. So when our oven heating element caught fire (for the second time since we’ve been here) – the idea of renovation wasn’t just a vague “we’ll get around to it someday” kinda thing. No – it became an in-your-face-lets-get-to-it-and-make-some-decisions-already kinda thing. Because I was just not going to fix the oven, just to wonder if it would go up in flames yet again. Gotta buy a new one. But this clickin’ mama happens to LOVE to cook – always dreamed of a wide oven, 6-burner, fabulous stove so I can cook like the big guns (hey – I’ve got 3 growing boys!!). And does a 36″ 6-burner fit in my current cabinet design? Uh, Nope. And so the nightmare project began.

I’ve been without a stove now since February 25th. And it’s Mid June. And yes, we have a family of 5. It’s been a nightmare.

But it will be worth it in the end.

Thank God for Maureen DeRosier. She is my kitchen designer, and so patient with me as we waded through design option after option. Relocating appliances, adding all the special touches that I wanted. Shelves for my cookbooks. An extra pull-out pantry. Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. She’s AWESOME. Such a professional – works nonstop to make her clients happy. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.

March into April – kitchen designed. End of April, kitchen gutted – down to the subfloor. First half of May new Cabinets installed. Last half of May into first half of June, kitchen breakfast area extended, trim work done, sheetrock mudded and sanded. New hardwoods on main level go in this week. Then the backsplash goes in, and THEN we can get our new stove!!!!!!

We’re gettin’ there.

Thank you for your patience with me! Soon I’ll be back to just my everyday crazy old self. I can’t wait.

xoxoxo Kristin.