From my Heart

October 17, 2012

I don’t even know how to start this Post. This has been the most difficult year of my life, and my heart and everything creative within it was shattered in January, when my sweet mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I had to take a huge step back from photography, because honestly I felt like I had nothing left to give.

This is why I’ve been absent so long.

She’s been healthy her entire life and never once smoked a cigarette, and so the news came as a complete shock and was utterly devastating to me. The first symptom was a little tickle in the back of her throat, something that was so insignificant that she almost didn’t even mention it during her annual physical. The doctor decided to do a chest xray and there was the shadow. So testing was ordered. We waited. After many sleepless nights the results were in and we learned what we were up against: Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It was not only in her lung, it was in her liver. Her vertebrae. Her hip. And now my soul.

How can that something so destructive creep so silently?? How can take such a hold without you even knowing it?? It is so unbelievable. And so unfair.

She is a strong woman. She continues to be my inspiration, and I am so proud of her fight and honored to stand beside her throughout her battle. She didn’t hesitate one moment to begin chemo and radiation. She endured so many treatments, and my entire family read and learned so much about cancer – more than we ever wanted to know. She has begun juicing. We have begun blending. We’re learning how to eat scary looking things like Kale and Swiss Chard. And something even more important – not to take those we love for granted.

Her love and strength endures. Her spirit is strong. Her attitude is positive. And the fight is working.

Her tumors have diminished. So much so that her doctors have given her body a break from all treatment. She had a 6 week reprieve. Tests at the end revealed that even without treatment, her tumors continued to diminish during those 6 weeks!!! So they gave her another 6 week reprieve. And miraculously her cancer was still stabilized. She is now in her third consecutive 6 week break, and she’s feeling strong and fabulous!!! And with her strength returning, so has my spirit and creative passion.

Stay with me. I have so much to share with you, and I am excited to be back and continue capturing the loves in peoples lives. Capturing those who complete their hearts. Because throughout this journey, I have been given a Gift from God. I know on a deeper and more profound level how precious life is and how important it is to capture all the little moments along the way.

In love and faith,

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