Rosalie’s Newborn Session was the first I had after my mom was diagnosed. And she helped fill my soul back up. She is the most precious, sweet gift from Heaven. I remember when I was little I had a red birthmark on my hip. My mom always told me that this was where the angels kissed me right before I was born, and left their lipstick mark. Rosalie was kissed on the side of her tummy – one day it will fade away, but I’m happy I was able to capture her special birthmark so she always remembers how much God and all the angels love her.

I am happy to finally share some of her Newborn imagery with you, as well as images I just shot of her a few weeks ago. Among other things, her mom and dad raise Thoroughbreds, and I can’t wait until our next Session when she’ll be big enough to sit on one. Here she is, just 9 months after our first Session and simply beautiful:


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  1. Heidi says:

    Beautiful!! I’ve been internetless for so long & just had to check your blog when I took the chance! I am completely in love with your talent. My favorite in this series is of the baby in the clover near the horses. :) sooo awesome. Prayers to you & your family!

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