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Jack Owen & Lucia

August 22, 2011

Photographing babies is always so touching to me, and having the opportunity to work with twins makes it that much more amazing and special. Jack Owen and his sweet sister Lucia were so precious to work with. When one got fussy, we would just snuggle them together, and they would settle right in, happy and comforted by one another’s presence. Their connection is so strong and beautiful. The last image shown just wipes me out.

Blue Dots.

August 20, 2011

Now that all three boys are back in school and the renovation project is settling in (still not done but getting there!), I’m finally able to focus on catching up on the Bella Blog, and I’m so happy to finally share so many of the Sessions that have touched my heart over these past several months!!
The first posting will answer what is now the age old question of which color the dots in the nursery would be (Pink or Blue?). Meet sweet Gavin.KanG1KanG2KanG3KanG4KanG5KanG6