The First Day

August 19, 2011

I knew Cole was happy when he plopped down after his snack Monday afternoon and told me all about his day. He added a simple question that summed up exactly how little he still is. He asked if he could go back to Kindergarten again tomorrow.

Here are pics from his first day. I drew a heart on his hand so that if he missed home he could just look at it and remember how much we all love him. I smiled when I noticed that he closed his little fingers around the palm of his hand while we walked to the bus stop. Grant stepped up as the Big Brother – stayed with him on the bus and brought him to his classroom all week. It was great for him to be the biggest brother for once – I’m so proud of the way he helped Cole feel comfortable at his new school.

It’s going to be a great year.


July 11, 2011

Tomorrow my baby turns 5. He’ll still have his adorable animated smile, I’ll still be able to carry him when he’s tired, and he’ll still ask me to sing him a song before going to sleep. But his baby years will melt into boyhood. My heart will soon want to return to the time when I was the most important person in the world to him. When he would tell me I was the most beautifullest girl ever. Yes, he told me that not long ago and I wrote it down so I’d never forget.

We weren’t sure we would (or should) have a third baby. Our older two were born a little early. Not terribly early, just 5 weeks with the first, 6 weeks with the second. Chris was afraid the third would come much sooner. I thought everything would be fine – it’s the way I am. I thought, I’ll take it extra easy this time. It will be fine.

I went into labor 14 weeks early.

I was put on bedrest and learned how to inject myself with a constant drip of medication that never did stop the contractions but made them much less effective. For 12 weeks I held on, with a 5 and 7 year old home for the summer. We had to hire a nanny, which we were not financially prepared to do. But we did, and I held on.

Cole was born only 2 weeks early. The strongest of the 3 boys. He was the only one I was able to come home from the hospital with – the other two were held back in the NICU. We were so lucky, and I count my blessings every day.

It seems like a lifetime ago, because I honestly can’t imagine life without him. But at the same time, it seems incredulous to me that he’s turning 5 already. He’ll start Kindergarten in just a month from now. And my heart will break into millions of tiny pieces. I’ll miss that one-on-one time with him. More than even I can imagine right now.

So tonight we brought him out for ice cream. He wanted “Superman” ice cream, because it had lots of fun colors. And that’s what he has brought into my life – colors that are brilliant and sparkly and light up my life.

I love you, Cole. Here’s what you looked like yesterday, with your best friends at your Birthday Party:


And here’s what you looked like on the last day that you were 4. Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Troy III

July 8, 2011

Okay guys! I’m getting back on track after months of distraction with this overwhelming kitchen project. Thank you for your patience with me!! I’m so excited to share Blog posts of Sessions from the first half of this year, and it begins with a special Newborn Session: Baby Troy III. A beautiful family and a long line of tradition. I am so honored to be chosen to capture this precious child. Here are some of my favorites:



Stay posted – I’ll be sharing a posting several times a week until I’m all caught up! :)

Kristin Arndt has:

a. Dropped off the face of the planet
b. Quit Photography
c. Quit Blogging
d. None of the above

Yes, when in doubt, choose D.

Those who know me know exactly what I’ve been up to these past several months. Still photographing, still loving every moment, but crazy (well, I’m always crazy – so put some afterburners on that one). My focus has been on editing projects, running around with my 3 awesome boys, and oh yea – completely gutting the heart of our home!!! The kitchen has been something we’ve been dying to renovate for 13 years. Don’t get me wrong – white formica countertops that um… yes – wrap up and become a fabulous backsplash has it’s benefits. What is it again? Oh yeah – it stays shockingly white even after 13 years. The cabinets? Not so much. Started out white, faded to a dull yellow over the years. Oh – and the laminate was literally peeling off. Drawer bases totally sagging. Hinges giving out. So when our oven heating element caught fire (for the second time since we’ve been here) – the idea of renovation wasn’t just a vague “we’ll get around to it someday” kinda thing. No – it became an in-your-face-lets-get-to-it-and-make-some-decisions-already kinda thing. Because I was just not going to fix the oven, just to wonder if it would go up in flames yet again. Gotta buy a new one. But this clickin’ mama happens to LOVE to cook – always dreamed of a wide oven, 6-burner, fabulous stove so I can cook like the big guns (hey – I’ve got 3 growing boys!!). And does a 36″ 6-burner fit in my current cabinet design? Uh, Nope. And so the nightmare project began.

I’ve been without a stove now since February 25th. And it’s Mid June. And yes, we have a family of 5. It’s been a nightmare.

But it will be worth it in the end.

Thank God for Maureen DeRosier. She is my kitchen designer, and so patient with me as we waded through design option after option. Relocating appliances, adding all the special touches that I wanted. Shelves for my cookbooks. An extra pull-out pantry. Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. She’s AWESOME. Such a professional – works nonstop to make her clients happy. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.

March into April – kitchen designed. End of April, kitchen gutted – down to the subfloor. First half of May new Cabinets installed. Last half of May into first half of June, kitchen breakfast area extended, trim work done, sheetrock mudded and sanded. New hardwoods on main level go in this week. Then the backsplash goes in, and THEN we can get our new stove!!!!!!

We’re gettin’ there.

Thank you for your patience with me! Soon I’ll be back to just my everyday crazy old self. I can’t wait.

xoxoxo Kristin.

Wyatt at One Year

May 9, 2011

Before I get into Posting on one of my favorite little guys, I need to take a second to apologize – I’m terribly behind on my Blog. I’ve been pulled in too many directions lately, and I’m slowly getting back on track. I have SO MANY great postings to share, and I’ll bring everyone up to speed during the next few weeks! So stay tuned – among lots of other things, you’ll finally be able to know if the circles are pink or blue from the prior posting that’s been hanging out there since February!!

First things first. Wyatt. This is our fourth Session together – a child who needed a cranial operation to ensure proper brain development – a family who has endured so much over the past year – and now here he is, developing at a normal pace, a positive spirit and so much joy to share in his big eyes and trememdous smile. I just love being a part of watching him grow into a typical little boy – something most of us just take for granted.

It’s easy to see how much he adores his big brother!

I’m already looking forward to our next Session over the summer! God bless you, sweet Wyatt!!!

Pink or Blue?

February 19, 2011

I loved meeting this amazing couple – we had SO much fun during the Maternity Session. I think she’s just stunning, and so beautiful with her growing belly. And is their nursery not the sweetest room ever?? They don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy (I love that!) – once the baby is born, the circles on the wall will be painted either pink or baby blue. So cool.


February 15, 2011

Davis has features that just melt my heart — full, smooshy lips, cheeks you just want to get lost in, and sweet little rolls of soft skin on his back. He’s an adorable, easy going baby; a first child born to parents who love him with all their heart. Here’s a peek at their fun Maternity Shoot



February 2, 2011

Being a photographer is so much more than capturing images. It’s being a part of families and documenting moments that they’ll cherish forever. It’s watching them grow and honoring the love they share all along the way. Two years have flown by since I photographed this family’s last little baby (here’s a peek: Meet \"Little Dimples\"). Marcus’ mommy wanted to use many of the same props, which made the imagery that much more special to them. And we had so much fun incorporating a few more, especially a Stork image (the knarly branch was found that morning by Marcus’ sweet Grandparents, who chose the perfect one on a walk through the woods).


January 27, 2011

This little guy is the second boy born to this sweet family. He looks JUST like his Daddy. Such a joy to work with – - a very content little soul. It was so windy and cold outside – but he was cozy and snuggly as we placed him in his sweet little poses – without a care in the world.


January 25, 2011

There’s no more denying it – my biggest boy is growing up. He started Middle School this year, has loved taking on the new responsibilities and has handled the new workload like a champ. I look at him and see the young man he’s becoming – I’m proud and my heart crumbles a little all at the same time. His interests are changing. He’s into music and fast cars. He’s a runner. A soccer player. A guitarist. An awesome big brother.

Last Friday he got his braces. I picked him up early from school and took him out to his favorite burger & shake joint. I nabbed a couple of pictures before the big adventure — I just had to capture his toothy grin and structure of his face before the braces shape his smile.

He picked blue and orange for his first 6 weeks. I never realized how much he really needs the braces – so many teeth all crowded in there! He was very sore this weekend, but is feeling almost back to normal this week. One more milestone down.